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S/R 333,000 Btu Heater

S/R 333,000 Btu Heater



Sta Rite Max E Therm Pool Heater SR333LP

Sta-Rite heaters are the most unique heaters on the market. Made from a composite shell, the Max-E-Therm utilizes it PMG combustion technology to produce the highest efficiency (85%) in its class, while keeping NOx emissions to a minimum. That means less time waiting for your pool or spa to warm up, and more time enjoying it.

The unit is compact and weighs less than 125 pounds, and has a rotating top, making it the installers’ choice. LED indicator lights and its 360 degrees of access to the internals make it extremely service friendly.

Standard Product Features

Weatherproof easy-read digital display.
The weatherproof digital display rotates to six different positions, making it accessible with any plumbing configuration. To help you read the display on bright days, a pivoting plastic visor filters the light.

Two programmable temperatures.
To accommodate pools with a built-in spa, the Max-E-Therm has two temperature settings displayed in F or C. The internal safety feature lets you set maximum temperature levels.

Easy hookup
Compact and lightweight, the Max-E-Therm connects easily with Sta-Rite pumps and filters or retrofits easily with other systems.

Choice of energy source.
Available in natural gas or propane. Exhaust venting adapts easily for indoor or outdoor use.

Safe ignition.
With its hot surface electronic ignition, you never have to worry about a pilot light blowing out and leaking gas. Note: Requires 120V Electric Hook-up

Diagnostic lights.
Should a problem arise, the control panel indicator lights tell you whether to service the heater or the system.

Friendly to the environment.
Exceeds all standards for air pollution exhaust.

Proven Sta-Rite Technology.
The revolutionary technology that made Sta-Rite pumps and filters the industry leader is now adapted for the Max-E-Therm.

Weight 123.00 lbs
Color / Size

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