Letro Legend

Letro Legend



The Legend® keeps your pool clean with its pressure-side cleaning design. The innovative unique twist lock bag, and special debris channel provide stronger action for cleaning ease.
  • Double Jetted Vortex Venturi action easily collects large debris.
  • Unique Four Wheel Design with Front Wheel Drive allows for better tracking and cleaning.
  • Innovative hydro-dynamic body and treaded tires for fast action.
  • Cleans most pools in 1-3 hours.
There’s no fuss with Legend®. Install it, set it on its way, then sit back and watch it clean your pool from the tile line to the pool bottom.
Powered by its own independent booster pump for optimum cleaning power and uninterrupted surface skimming. Heavy-duty, large capacity collection bag means you empty less often - twist-lock design makes it easy to remove and replace. One-year limited warranty.
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Weight 23.00 lbs

Our Price: $499.00 96 item(s) available
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