Great White In Ground

Great White In Ground



Sta-Rite's GW9500 installs in minutes - no thick instruction manuals or endless videos are necessary for its assembly or operation. Its manageable size and economy of movement let you relax and enjoy your pool even more.

The GW9500 is ideally suited for in-ground pools, applying Sta-Rite's exclusive bristle design to scrub pool floors and walls for unparalleled, efficient cleaning. With rapid, smooth movement, the GreatWhite continuously loosens and removes stubborn dirt and debris for total cleaning action. The GW9500 has rows of bristles that loosen dirt and grime from pool floors and walls as it cleans. The oscillating vortex allows it to devour small and large debris to clear a 15" path without stirring up clouds of dirt.

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Weight 16.00 lbs

Our Price: $499.00 96 item(s) available
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