• Features

    • Typical Installation – Inground pools, inground hot tubs, and water features
    • Quality Construction – Durable two-piece tank housing constructed of Dura-Glas™, Sta-Rite's industry leading glass-reinforced composite resin
    • Safe – Posi-Lok™ clamps provide safe, easy access to tank internals
    • Patented Design – The patented, innovative balanced flow design first introduced with the System:3 Mod Media is still the standard of the industry. Protected by U.S. Patent Numbers 5,190,651 and 6,036,853
    • Low Maintenance – Complete media coverage combined with shallow pleats means greater dirt holding capabilities, resulting in longer filter cycles and less cleaning
    • Quick Service – The shallow pleat design allows you to simply hose off the elements in a matter of minutes, making servicing a snap
    • Dual Drain Plugs – Side plug available for plumbing to waste, while the bottom plug will drain entire filter
  • Holds 50 times more dirt than a sand filter.
  • Less Cleaning Needed - Gathers and holds more dirt so you clean less often.
  • Opens Easily - The split tank design allows for convenient access for cleaning or changing filter media.
  • Designed for Safety - the use of Posi-lok® clamps enables safe, easy access to filter.
  • Durable, Lightweight and Corrosion Resistant - Dura-Glas® exterior .
  • Landscape Friendly - Sleek, black tank profile blends well into any landscape design.
  • Available in TWO Sizes - 300 AND 450 ft. filter areas.
  • Weight 145.00 lbs
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