Baquacil Test Strips 1/25

Baquacil Test Strips 1/25



(Use with BAQUACIL CDX System)

New BAQUACIL Test strips have been developed which include an Oxidizer test pad. This will enable you to identify whether there is a BAQUACIL Oxidizer residual present in the water and it also acts as an early warning that there may be water mold present in the pool filter and/or plumbing before the water becomes cloudy.


Baquacil 4 Way Test Strips



  • Results in 15 seconds

  • Tests measures pH, total alkalinity, Baquacil Sanitizer & Algistat, and Baquacil Oxidizer.

Enjoy The good life . . . With gentle, chlorine-free BAQUACIL . . .

Weekly Pool Maintenance

BAQUACIL 4-Way Test Strips (Use with BAQUACIL CDX System)

Easy to use, accurate test strips that measure pH, total alkalinity, BAQUACIL Sanitizer and Algistat, and BAQUACIL Oxidizer. One dip gives fast results for all three factors in 15 seconds. Test weekly for water clarity throughout the summer. Use with the BAQUACIL CDX System.

  • Check your water's pH and alkalinity once a week or after any major change (such as when you add a large amount of new water, or after a long, heavy rain.)

BAQUACIL's core products are what most pool owners need to get started and to help keep their pools crystal clear all season!

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