Phosphate Stop Plus

Phosphate Stop Plus



PHOS-STOP PLUS represents a true breakthrough in keeping your swimming pool free of phosphates, orthophosphates and metal stains. Unlike ordinary phosphate removers, Phos-Stop Plus offers a powerful combination of phosphate removers and preventatives plus stain preventatives to protect your pool from the formation of orthophosphates and metal staining - All in one highly effective product.

Phos-Stop Plus also helps to reduce chlorine demand, so your sanitizer and oxidizer last longer in your pool water. Phos-Stop Plus is not pH dependant so it works effectively in a wide pH range. Phos-Stop Plus is ideal for pool openings and closings; it has been specially formulated to protect against phosphates and metal stains the entire time the swimming pool is closed. It will not cloud water and works with all swimming pool sanitizer systems

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