SQ1152 1 1/2 HP Sq Thd

SQ1152 1 1/2 HP Sq Thd



Emerson Energy Efficient Square Flange Motor.  This is a true energy efficient motor with a seperate start and run capacitor meeting the requirements of the California Energy Commision.  This motor is also a 48-Frame which means it is a lot easier to intall in most applications than a 56-frame which tends to not line up as easily.

We only carry Full-Rated motors most online and retailers carry up-rated motors.  That means when you buy a 11/2 HP you are actually getting a 1 Hp motor with a sticker showing maximum horsepower, however it usually can suffer in Hot climates which is why most manufacturers prefer to use full rated motors.

Weight 33.00 lbs
Color / Size

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