Filter Flosser

Filter Flosser



Dread cleaning your pool and spa filters NO MORE! With Filter Flosser, you’ll spend less time, energy and water resources on regular filter maintenance, plus maximize the life of your filters. Filter Flosser is constructed of 100% durable aluminum and works with a standard garden hose. The curved nozzle design provides extended cleaning area coverage and high pressure water and air convergence to reach deep down between pleats; it also virtually eliminates back-splash.

  • Twist Filter Flosser onto your standard garden hose.
  • Turn water control switch to horizontal “off” position.
  • Turn on water faucet to highest pressure.
  • Turn water control switch to vertical “on” position to clean.

3-Ways to Clean for Best Results:

  • Overall Cleaning - Hold ½” to 1” from filter with the nozzle at a 90° angle of pleats. Move up and down in short strokes, from top to bottom of the filter.
  • Particularly Dirty Areas - Hold 4” to 5” from filter with the water convergence point focused on a specific area.
  • Build-Up Between Pleats - Turn nozzle parallel with pleats, ½” to 1” from filter. Move up and down in short strokes, from top to bottom of the filter.

* If you feel the water pressure is to low, try and connect to the homes “water main”. This provides best water pressure from your home.

NOTE: Filter Flosser does not sanitize filter cartridges only removes dirt & debris. We recommend that a cartridge “pre-treat” be used for best results concerning sanitation.

Limited Lifetime Warranty:

  • Filter Flosser provides a lifetime warranty against any defects in material and workmanship. The warranty does not apply to damage caused by abnormal or unreasonable use or commercial/industrial uses.


  • Does not damage cartridge filters as compared to other products on the market
  • Manufactured from 100% aluminum
  • Filter Flosser provides 7x * Reduces cleaning time by 50%+
  • Reduces the environmental impact by reducing water usage by 50%+
  • Ergonomic design
  • Provides better water quality and filtration by maintaining filter cleanliness
  • Reduces cartridge filter replacement through proper maintenance as per OEM
  • Performance testing shows that at the same 65psi (pounds per square inch) of water pressure from a standard garden hose, Filter Flosser had a greater GPM (gallons per minute) than all other units tested.
  • A durable well made product with more longevity as compared to other products made of a lesser quality

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