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Delx Spa Care Kit Chlorine

Delx Spa Care Kit Chlorine



Deluxe Spa Care Kit with Video - Chlorine

Packaged in a convenient, reusable plastic container, this large assortment of chemicals comes in bigger sizes than the Complete Spa Care Kit and can be easily organized and stored. The kit contains the Simple Spa Care® video and Spa Care Guide to answer many of the spa owner's questions and outline the NEW Simple Spa Care Program.  


  • Reuseable container
  • Full-size products


  • Bright & Clear
    Safe for Ozone - Does not cause build-up!
  • Enzyme
  • Foam Down
  • Spa Up
  • Spa Down
  • Metal Gon
  • Defender
  • Renew® non-chlorine shock oxidizer
  • Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules
  • Cover Care & Conditioner
  • Filter Clean New and Improved
  • Fast Gloss
  • Spa & Hot Tub Test Strips
  • Rubber Duck
  • Simple Spa Care® Instructional DVD
  • Cover Wipes
Packaged in a reusable bucket - everything you need is kept organized and within reach.

Weight 8.00 lbs

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